Fearless creativity + innovative technology & analytics = growth


We grow businesses with a comprehensive approach to lifting up brands and building rich relationships with their audiences.

Growth Strategy

Don’t just survive, thrive. We’ll put our brains into overdrive to craft and execute a comprehensive growth strategy to bring your goals to life.

Social Media

Get your content to the right audience at the right time. Whether you want to foster deeper relationships with your customers or grow your brand awareness, we’ll turn your brand into a social media powerhouse.

Search Engine Optimization

New customers are searching for you. Lock in your competitive advantage by appearing on the top of search engine results to the right people.

Website Design

We’ll design, update, and maintain your website that’ll attract new customers and keep them coming back. Your website will keep growing your business, even while you sleep.

Content Marketing

Share your story with the world. We’ll showcase your brand, products, and services in a dynamic approach of creative storytelling intertwined with comprehensive strategic direction. We’ll bring your brand to life by crafting engaging content for digital, print, and traditional media.

Digital Advertising

Your customers are online and on the go. That number will only continue to rise, especially in the rapidly evolving realm of mobile technology. We’ll deliver captivating ads to your precise audience. Lock in the insanely high ROI you’ve been searching for.

public relations

Share your story with the world. Our experience working with the media will secure the coverage your business needs to grow.

Data & Technology

Data and technology drives better decision making, more efficient operations, and business growth. We’ll help you collect and synthesize your data to drive a rich understanding of your customers, competitors, and market. Have a technology need or problem? We’ll deliver the right solution for your business.

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Our Growth Approach
We obsess for your success

Photon Strategy is a full-scale marketing, digital, and PR agency in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. We elevate brands to their full potential and achieve the growth that's been waiting for them. Photon Strategy takes a creative and analytical approach to crafting marketing strategies. We believe that it takes comprehensive action to ensure that inspiring content gets to the right customers in order to motivate them to take action. The traditional one-size-fits-all and shotgun approaches to marketing are dead. We harness the power of innovative technology and data analytics combined with fearless creativity to grow your business.


Meet our growth hackers

Kyle Gundrum

Founder & Managing Partner
Kyle is a community-engaged digital marketing and IT solutions strategist. Armed with experience as a founder of a digital marketing agency, an Executive Director of a local IT-focused workforce development nonprofit, and with a Master of Science in IT, Kyle brings innovative spirit to his digital strategies.

Michael Loch

Founder & Managing Partner
Michael is a dedicated and proven force in achieving strategic growth for over five years with the local business and nonprofit community. He brings an all-in-one package of relentless pursuit for business growth, visionary storytelling, and nerding out over the latest marketing and technology trends.

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